David Braun

David Braun

Serving the Chicagoland since 1997

David Braun is an established mortgage lending professional with 21 years’ experience serving as a mortgage specialist and offering specialized solutions to clients regardless of their backgrounds or financial situations. Determined to work diligently until he meets his clients’ needs, he provides an avenue for loan approval, coaching clients to bring out the investor in them, and relates extremely well with previously mistreated or declined borrowers. An expert in jumbo and non-QM loans, he works with first-time home buyers as well as buyers seeking to downsize, upgrade, purchase vacation properties or find investment opportunities, and closes transactions quickly and meticulously.

From humble beginnings, David started out his career at Tire America through a high school work program. He quickly rose to be ranked as the company’s top sales man leading in all categories. After high school, he became a manager and proceeded to Northwestern University where he graduated with a degree in Economics. It is then that he discovered he had a special talent for working with people to create mortgage financing solutions. Which is how he became a loan officer, working first with Harris Bank where he was rookie of the year and topped in sales every year afterwards, then transitioned to Hinsdale Bank & Trust before starting his own financial mortgage brokerage company in 2001. He later sold the firm to a regional bank after a successful run, is still active in the industry at Regional Mortgage Corporation, and is now the successful owner of Weed Dave, an e-commerce platform that curates and sells the best and most innovative products on the market.

David possesses deft analytical skills that help him understand his clients’ financial positions, before he can coach them on their options. A tactician who always has his clients best interests at heart, he is passionately driven to help people realize their homeownership/ investment goals and takes pride in being a part of this transformation. With an unparalleled sense of discipline and uncompromised integrity, the go-getter’s availability, charisma and proactiveness serve to establish trust and transparency with his clients, which is how he has built a referral heavy client-base curated by strong relationships.

Braun also finds strength and motivation from his two children and life partner.

David Braun

For Braun, having the opportunity to help others make their homeownership dreams into realities proves to be a daily source of inspiration. “The satisfaction of seeing someone’s dream become a reality keeps me intensely engaged with each client as if they were my first.” However, he also finds strength and motivation from his two children and life partner. “I truly believe that if it wasn’t for my family, I would not be doing this business,” he says.