David Braun

David Braun

David Braun has 21 years of real estate experience, and as a mortgage specialist at Regional Mortgage Corp., he offers personalized solutions for clients regardless of their background or financial situation. “I describe myself as a bulldog,” he says. “I work diligently until I am able to meet my client’s needs.” Working with first-time homebuyers as well as buyers seeking to downsize, upgrade, purchase a vacation property or find an investment opportunity, Braun is an expert in jumbo loans and non-QM loans, and closes transactions quickly and meticulously.

“I will not turn anyone away,” he says, adding that many of his clients have previously been declined or mistreated when attempting to secure a loan. “I provide an avenue for approval. I believe there is an investor for everyone and if my client does not qualify, I coach them through solutions needed to make this a reality.”

Prior to becoming a loan officer, Braun graduated with a degree in economics from Northwestern University. Working first at Harris Bank and then transitioning to Hinsdale Bank & Trust before starting his own company in 2001, Braun found that a career in lending came naturally and complemented his early training in improv at Second City. “It blends my education and natural abilities with people,” he says.

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For Braun, having the opportunity to help others make their homeownership dreams into realities proves to be a daily source of inspiration. “The satisfaction of seeing someone’s dream become a reality keeps me intensely engaged with each client as if they were my first.” However, he also finds strength and motivation from his two children and life partner. “I truly believe that if it wasn’t for my family, I would not be doing this business,” he says.